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Archives for September 2020

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Leaders Walk with God


If you walk intimately with God, you will experience His love, and it will flow toward those you are leading. It will change you and them....

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The Significance of EQ for Leaders


Leadership is complex. It is certainly "what you do," but oftentimes more importantly, "who you are." Don't miss the importance of emotional intelligence in your leadership. ...

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WANTED: Broken Leaders

Broken Leaders

Without a healthy self-awareness, leaders may fear rejection if others see their inadequacies. They limit their exposure to protect their fragile emotions. But church leaders don't have to be perfect. They will never be perfect and they don't need to pretend any longer. God needs broken leaders to point to the Suffering Savior....

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Top Ten Reasons Church Leaders need a Coach


Every church leader needs a coach and every leader needs to be coaching others....

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Exclusive Gospel Leader Seminar

GL Seminar

Gospel Leader: Shepherding the Church Toward Jesus is a four-part seminar to train those who aspire to be a leader at any level, to lead with the gospel—the central message and means for leadership in the church....

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Gospel Leader Webinar

GL Seminar

Pastor TJ Tims, the Lead Pastor of Immanuel Nashville, interviewing Scott Thomas about a forthcoming book and an event for leader training. ...

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Gospel Leaders Sacrifice to Make a Difference


Leaders get to die so others may be saved....

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Where are the Young Leaders


We need young leaders who are passionate about God and His work....

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Two Sides of Church Leadership


Christian leaders have the honor to watch over others’ lives while they watch their own lives. Christian leaders care for the flock of God best when they demonstrate both spiritual maturity and emotional intelligence. A leader’s IQ is essential, but EQ is arguably just as critical for effective leadership. ...

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Five Reasons for Church Planting


The vigorous, continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for the numerical growth of the body of Christ in a city and the continual corporate renewal and revival of the existing churches in a city....

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Watch the Flock

Romanian shepherd (1)

Church leaders must pay careful attention to two things simultaneously: 1) their own life and, 2) their flock....

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Watch Yourself


Paul urged Timothy to keep a close watch on his life and on his teaching. He told him not to ever let his guard down for the sake of himself and those he was leading. Church leadership is a spiritual war zone, and Gospel Leaders must come prepared with Christ's mind and the Spirit's power....

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It's Time for a Leadership Change!

Ray-Tj-John-Sam-ST (1)

It's time to change how we lead our churches...

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