Shepherding the Church Toward Jesus

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Gospel Leader Webinar

GL Seminar

Upcoming Four-Part         Gospel Leader Webinar      

1. Sat., Sept 26

2. Sat., Oct 17

3. Sat., Nov 14

4. Sat., Dec 12

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  • Saturday, September 26, 9 am-Noon CST
  • Saturday, Oct 17, 9 am-Noon CST
  • Saturday, November 14, 9 am-Noon CST
  • Saturday, Dec 12, 9 am-Noon CST

Gospel Leader: Shepherding the Church Toward Jesus is a four-part seminar to train those who aspire to be a leader at any level, to lead with the gospel—the central message and means for leadership in the church.

Leadership in recent years has relegated to marketing, multiplication, and media instead of ministry. It’s time to lead toward a different goal, that is, the original goal: Jesus, our Good Shepherd. Leaders are servants of Christ and His church, and our primary calling is to lead them to the Head of the church.

Gospel Leader will explore leadership primarily through the gospel but secondarily through the lens of emotional intelligence (EQ). Gospel Leader demonstrates how EQ competencies are consistent with gospel principles and practices. 


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