Shepherding the Church Toward Jesus

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The Gospel Shaped Leader Workbook aims to help participants walk through The Gospel Shaped Leader: Leaning on Jesus to Shepherd His People. The Workbook follows the chapters and headings from the book.

Feel free to make copies so groups can journey together in the book's contents. Every participant should purchase a copy of the full-length book and have a copy of the free Workbook in either digital or hard copy.

Copies of the book are available on Amazon or through the publisher,, which offers a 25% discount for ten or more copies.

Who Benefits from this Workbook?

This Workbook is for anyone in church ministry, vocational or non-vocational: Pastors, Church Staff, Elders, Deacons, Small Group facilitators, Disciple-makers, Department directors, Students, and anyone who wants to grow in their understanding of the gospel ministry and disciple-making.

What Context Works Best?

Small groups, Sunday School classes, staff training, discipleship groups, mentoring, and one-on-one settings work best for this Workbook.

There are 13 chapters, which fits into a typical quarter if used once a week. However, participants could use it for an intensive. It is best to complete it in 13 weeks or less.

Discussion-Based Facilitation

The contents function best by using an adult-learning approach. The Socratic questions are open-ended questions that encourage reflection rather than derive a singular “right” answer. Individuals can work through the Workbook solo, but it is more effective with two or more people. The questions will help a person understand the contents to become an emotionally healthy disciple of Jesus that can lead others with the gospel.