Shepherding the Church Toward Jesus

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Top Ten Reasons Church Leaders need a Coach


I often say that every church leader needs a coach and every church leader needs to be coaching others. Below are the top ten reasons the participants of Gospel Coach Training have shared:


  1. Coaching helps to remind me of the Gospel's application in my life.
  2. Coaching models biblical community and discipleship.
  3. Coaching brings much-needed encouragement to me.
  4. Coaching improves my perspective and objectivity.
  5. Ministry is a difficult, lonely, and complicated task. I need others around me.
  6. Coaching protects my family and marital health.
  7. My church will not rise spiritually above my health.
  8. Coaching provides guidance for my decisions.
  9. Coaching is a means to obtain counsel from a fellow leader.
  10. Coaching is fun.