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The Rise & Fall of an Autocratic Leader


Domineering Leaders are antithetical to Gospel Leaders. Autocratic leadership centralizes authority in the leader. We describe autocratic leaders as arbitrary, dictatorial, domineering, tyrannical, all-powerful, bossy, driving, and monocratic. In short, it is a command and control style that is motivated by power and pride. Jesus demonstrated a different approach....

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It's Time to Remove Unrepentant Bullies from Church Leadership

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Bullies in the church empty others of their dignity and value. But Jesus empties himself for others....

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It Starts with Repentance


What is our response to the fall of a Christian leader?...

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Heal Us, Lord!


2020 brought many conflicting emotions. 2021 doesn't change that, but I am determined to allow God's healing hand upon me so that I can serve him with honor....

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The End (of 2020) is Near!


God is hope. If you can’t find your joy, the Spirit will step in and help you to abound in hope. Let the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace....

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The Need for a Reformation of Church Leaders


John Calvin wrote an eerily relevant treatise more than 450 years ago about the church's need for reformation. He said, "those who preside in the Church ought to excel others, and shine by their example of a holier life." He repeatedly pointed to four sins of a church leader's life that needed reform: greed, pride, cruelty, and whoredom....

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Be an Encourager


Encouragement is seen, heard, felt, and experienced by the other person. It can be done in excess and it demonstrates the gospel....

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Leaders Walk with God


If you walk intimately with God, you will experience His love, and it will flow toward those you are leading. It will change you and them....

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